A Hundred Stones from a Lost Paradise – Exhibition update

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The exhibition of Romanesque Sculpture in Slavonia entitled Stotinu kamenčiča izgubljenog raja –A Hundred Stones from a Lost Paradise goes on. It has reached its third stop after the Archeological Museum in Zagreb and the City Museum of Bjelovar, by opening on April 3 in the Museum of Brodsko Posavje in Slavonski Brod. It will stay open there through the beginning of May, and then it is moving to the Archeological Museum in Osijek (official opening provisionally planned for May 14).

The opening was nice and friendly. About thirty of our colleagues throughout Slavonia were present. We thank the employees of the Museum and the dignitaries of the local administration for their cooperation and kindness, in particular Ms. Iva Bunčić, Director and Mr. Jozo Lozuk, archeologist, and Ms. Ružica Vidaković, Deputy Župan, and Ms. Suzana Bilić Vardić, MP.

The exhibition is accompanied by a very nice leaflet reproducing some of the text from the Catalogue published by the Archeological Museum in Zagreb, Director of which, Mr. Ante Rendić-Miočević, honored us again by speaking at the opening.

Professor Goss will speak at the international conference “Central European Heritage – European Heritage” organized by the Teleki Foundation at Balatonfured (HU), April 23 -26, 2008. His topic will be “How to Protect the Unknown – A Case for the Medieval Slavonia”.


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