Donja Zelina, Križevčec, Novo Mesto Zelinsko

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July 7, 2009

On Tuesday we went around with Romana as Mladen was preparing his trip to the grand Tournament in Visegrad (July 9-11). First we went to St. Nicholas’s in Donja Zelina and the church was again locked, the priest is on vacation and the bell-lady went somewhere on the bicycle. So I could just confirm that the church stands in the middle of a handsome water hillfort in the Zelina flood plain, and that at some point we must penetrate inside to establish if there are any medieval details. I still maintain that this is the site of Castrum Nicola (1202).

We crossed the beam and went underneath the freeway toward the next beam and visited Križevčec, where, allegedly the Templar land ended. It is on a spur which runs N-S almost closing the Lonja valley. As climbs toward the south there is a small elevation, hillfort like, at the end of the village, with a chapel of St. Benedict, a rare and early dedication for northern Croatia. The chapel is 19th ct. but is worth further exploration. Then we swung back and in a large circle went to Dulepska crossing the Dulepski potok (creek) twice. Except for the name, the Duljebi came from Bohemia and the Bug river area, there is nothing remarkable at the first sight.

Returning we stopped at Dvorište (Dvor, Dvorište/Court, Courtyard may be the place of the mid-summer wedding between Juraj Jarilo turned Ivan with Mara Morana); the Gornje (Upper) Dvorište stands nicely on the end of a beam and has potentials. For the second time we passed by Rakovec with its church and the system of hillforts, and went to Novo Mesto to visit for who know which time the chapel of St. Peter, to decide if it would be possible to take casts of the capital zones in the sanctuary (wonderful early 13th ct.). Yes, it would. Vjeko again systematically took pictures of the reliefs and frescoes (these include possibly the earliest legend of St. Ladislas at all, early 14th ct., thus painted upon the Hospitallers’ take over of the Templar possessions).

Before returning to Zelina we climbed the hill of Berislavec where there should be traces of a castle at the top among the village homes. As the rain finally caught up with us in a big way, we enjoyed the view and left the remains for winter.


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